There is probably no cheaper photograph than a picture of someone else’s graffiti. But this one was too good to pass up.

These are two very different but equally valid postulations, which brought me to a number of questions and comments:

-Big L died in 1999: was this eulogy sprayed right away?

-Is it possible that the same person wrote both? If so, what is this person like?

-If it was written by different people, which came first?

-It looks like the owner of this wall has fought a losing battle with graffiti through the years but has since given up.

-I like to pronounce “RIP Big L” as “Rip Biggle”

-I like to pronounce “O’Riely” as “Oh really?”

-Are “fuck” and “O’Reilly” deliberately misspelled?

-It seems weird that they included the apostrophe in O’Reilly but spelled it so strangely.

-Maybe the misspellings are meant to be tools for semantic bluntness, as in, my words have so much conviction that they transcend the conventions of English spelling.

-Is it possible that it’s not referring to The Bill O’Reilly of television and radio, but some other Bill O’Reilly? It seems like a common enough name.

-Is it possible that “O’Riely” is not misspelled, but referring to some guy actually named “O’Riely”?

-Could this Bill O’Riely be the hapless owner of this building?