I had a place on the 6th floor with a nice view of the city and a desk that faced the Mellon Arena. I was sitting, putting off writing an article for school when I noticed the smoke.

I watched it for a while. I didn’t call the police or anything, but it looked pretty intense, you know, the color of the smoke and everything, very ominous. It burned for a while then went out I suppose.

A few months later I moved to Mount Washington and when I first Googled my address, the first thing that came up was “fire at” my address. There was a video too, of the news coverage of the fire. Most people don’t get to see what their house burning looks like and I guess they wouldn’t want to either. It was a weird sensation and kind of surprising since I was never informed of this prior. Not that it’d matter really.

So I didn’t look at a map or anything, or try to compare the dates of the fire and the photograph like a good journalist might, but for a while I was convinced that I had been watching my future apartment burn down from across town.